Bamboo Crocodile Clacker

Shared Earth From: Rainbow Life

Description This bamboo clacker features the vibrant dot design art that is so well known from the aboriginal cultures of Australia. This clacker is easy to make a great lot of noise with (which is great fun as you can imagine), but a tad more difficult for kids (and the likes of me) to keep a consistent rhythm going. Bamboo grows quickly, requires no irrigation, pesticides or fertilisers, sequesters carbon, and inhibits soil erosion, making it one of the most sustainable materials there is for craft production. IMPORTANT: While we love to encourage music with the little ones, this product is not recommended for those under 3 years old (or anybody else who likes to chew things they shouldn't). Specifications -Not suitable for children under 3 years -Handmade in Bali, Indonesia -Height: 20cm Story Shared Earth's mission is to improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged people in developing countries, benefiting local community projects and keeping alive traditional skills that would otherwise be lost. Shared Earth aims: To pay fair prices for products To always offer 50% payment upfront to overseas producers To ensure working conditions are acceptable To provide advice on design and product development To support suppliers and their local communities To avoid child labour To commit to long term relationships with suppliers Read more