The Turtle Vine is a cute little trailing vine adorned with small round β€˜turtle’ like leaves running along the length. Not to be confused with the similarly named β€œString of turtles” or Peperomia Prostrata, this vine is a cascading low-growing plant and has a lot more foliage which is densely packed. It grows quickly and is fairly hardy, needing monitoring when it comes to their water level. Light and Water Bright indirect light is best, avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, especially in the summer. Always maintain evenly moist soil and average room humidity is acceptable. If you see any signs of dehydration, introduce more humidity with regular misting or a water tray. The Turtle vine loves moist soil - once the pot begins to feel light when lifted, it's time for another water. Under-watering symptoms include crispy/curling leaves, a grey, washed-out appearance, yellowing leaves and a lack of new growth. These issues are commonly down to either too much heat/light forgetfulness. Dehydration is the number one issue among growers, so always keep an eye out for drying soil. Over-watering symptoms, on the other hand, include yellowing lower leaves, little to no growth and a rotting stem or leaves. Never allow your plat to endure long periods of soggy soil or a dark location as both will significantly increase the chance of over-watering and death.