Common names for this plant include Trailing Jade or Jade Necklace, for its wonderfully green cascading stems and fleshy leaves. With masses of stems, they overlap and trail beautifully over each other forming a long trail of vivid green, a welcome addition to any space. However, unlike succulents they thrive on moisture and tropical temperatures, so perfect for a bathroom or placed up high. Light and Water These Peperomia like to avoid direct bright sunlight. Keep in a bright room with indirect sunlight. A small amount of morning or evening sun won't harm, but midday sun could scorch the leaves and harm the plant. Overwatering is the worst offender for most Peperomias including this species. This is because of its succulent nature and small roots. Allow the soil to become dry then water thoroughly. Water when soil is dry, usu-ally every 1-2 weeks and do not let the plant stand in water. During the winter reduce watering to a minimum. Better too little than too much. During the summer mist the leaves. As the plant does prefer high humidity, grouping it together with other plants is a good idea. This will increase humidity within the area. If dry air problems occur - make efforts to improve the humidity, but most will be fine with normal indoor humidity levels.