String of Hearts

From: Flowers & Plants Co.

Love will be in the air, literally with its heart shaped leaves with this charming, trailing semi-succulent vine. The heart shaped leaves grow with a delightful green lace pattern that grow in opposite pairs along a trailing vine. The pinkish-purple undersides of the leaves and stems add a romantic hue. Not truly a succulent, but it does store water in its stems and plant care is very similar to that of a succulent. String of Hearts is extremely easy to look after and very tolerant of neglect. It is a perfect plant for for hanging baskets. These are suited to hotter climates so can live outdoors but also do better indoors in temperate or colour climates. It’s a fast grower so place up high and it will quickly cascade its vines down. Feel free to prune any vines which are not looking so good (long vines, little leaves) redistribute the plant’s resources away from sad growths as well as keeping the length in check. Light and Water They like most light conditions, do best in bright indirect light, but can also do well in moderate shade. Water when the soil dries out completely and when you do, make sure it drains completely as it does not suit its roots being waterlogged. Please note: String of hearts vines are coiled in the packaging by the growers to protect them in transit. On opening, we recommend gently unfurling the coils and teasing apart the vines around the pot. If you rush this stage, you risk losing a lot of your vines. Let the coils hang for several days before continuing to gently separate the vines (patience is a virtue). Some leaf loss is unavoidable; however, they are fast growing plants and will regenerate quickly.