The Silver Crown is a very sculptural succulent. It grows incredible oyster shell-like leaves that neatly overlap each other. Each leaf has this silver like dust (bloom) that protects it against strong sunlight. It’s a unique and stunning colour not seen in many plants. Light and Water It grows in sun or part shade but flowers best in full sun. In summer keep cool and provide some shelter from direct sun during the hottest hours. In shade the body colour will remain greener, while in harsh full sun conditions the foliage can develop its characteristic blue-grey tinge. This is a very dry-tolerant plant so its ok if your one of those who regularly forget to water their plants! You should water regularly in the growing season but avoid waterlogging and let the soil dry between watering. This plant should be watered from below in ordered to preserve the waxy covering on their leaves. If grown in a container, watering by immersing the container is recommended. Good drainage is very important as it is prone to root rot and prefers dry to very low humidity environments.