Sedum - Matrona

From: Flowers & Plants Co.

A relatively new variety of Sedum, the β€˜Matrona’ variety is great for planting at borders or in pots. These grow into attractive red stems with olive green leaves that are flushed purple. The densely packed pink flower heads bloom on top of strong straight stems which, unlike many Sedums, need no support. Sedums store water in their foliage for dry periods. In high summer it bears flat-topped flower heads. Each flower bud is white and opens to produce pale pink petals, with many of individual flowers making up each flower head. These produce a stunning effect when planted en masse. They are vigorous hardy growers and one of the best-looking blooms from summer into late winter, providing a rare sight of colour during this period. Sedum β€˜Matrona’ is ideal for attracting bees and butterflies in late summer, a vital food source for the midsummer gap. Light and Water Sedums like to grow in an open, sunny spot, ideally in well-drained soil. Water when soil is dry to the touch and water thoroughly, allowing the water to drain through.