The Rainbow Bush (Portulacaria Afar f. Mediopicta) is a slow growing succulent shrub. It has distinctive red stems which are adorned with little light green leaves that are heavily variegated. With so much colour con-trast, and the intertwining stems as it matures, this is a feast for the eyes when grown. Speaking of growing, this stemmed succulent is particularly versatile and easy to grow. Plant it outdoors in warm climates and it can grow into a dense, 4.0' tall shrub. Keep it indoors in a small pot and it will stay a petite, bonsai plant. However, with all succulents in the UK climate they like to be kept warm during the winter months. So, bring indoors if you are placing outdoors or keep it indoors in a warm place all year round. Light and Water Keep in direct sunlight, bright light or bright indirect light. In Summer water thoroughly only when 100% of the soil has dried out. After watering allow soil to dry 100% - water sparingly (every two month). Spring gradually increase watering - depending on temp and light expo-sure.