Prickly Pear Cactus

From: Flowers & Plants Co.

Commonly known as the β€œPrickly Pear” cactus, this a decorative variety of Opuntia which produces the edi-ble oval-shaped yellow-red fruit. Opuntia family of cacti are known for their unusual shapes and this one is no exception. With large thorny pads and oval bulbus fruits, this is one of the more alien-looking plants in our collection. Light and Water The plant likes a sunny position and can be placed outdoors in the summer to receive more heat. However hardy this plant is, it is not suitable for UK climates. In winter, the plant likes it dry and cool, so you should bring this plant indoors during winter, or keep it indoors all year round near a sunny windowsill. It prefers di-rect sunlight to indirect light. Prickly pears are extremely drought tolerant. During the growing season don’t water newly propagated pads for the first month. After that, water every two to four weeks for the first year β€” twice a month in summer and once a month other times of the year/ Prickly pears prefer alkaline to neutral soil if you need to repot them. More importantly, the soil needs to drain well, as residual moisture or puddling can cause the plant to rot.