Affectionally called the “Ponytail Palm” for its tall stalk and the wispy trailing leaves growing from its top or sometimes the “Elephant’s foot” for the way it branches once it reaches maturity. With multiple tufts of curling leaves, not only does this offer a talking point for its unusual looks, it's easy to care for! Suitable for home offices, desks, or any well-lit room that could use a low maintenance plant. A slow grower too, but over the years if kept well it can reach heights of 2m with multiple branches become a real statement piece! Part of what makes this plant interesting to look at is the bulb-like base that holds onto water (which means you don't need to water it very often). This Ponytail Palm does not need humid air, so copes well with central-ly heated rooms. Light and Water Place in a well-lit room with some access to direct sunlight. Water well, making sure the excess water drains away freely. These plants dislike overwatering, so let the compost get quite dry before repeating the process again.