Juncus β€˜Pencil Grass’ originates from Africa. It is suitable for home and garden, and a great addition along a pond edge. Very graceful plant with deep green round grass stalks. While these exotic plants look hard to grow, they’re fairly easy to grow indoors and out! Indoors, use juncus to add flair to your desk at work or school, or as a dramatic accent in your kitchen, living room, or den. Its grey-green leaves are a lovely neutral colour, making it work with just about any interior colour scheme. Outdoors, Juncus is perfect for garden beds and borders, as well as adding fantastic texture to container gardens. Light and Water If the roots are able to sit in shallow water, it can tolerate full sun, but partial shade is ideal for this plant when it is displayed indoors. Because this is a marginal aquatic plant, soil should always be kept moist, Water the plant liberally as it likes moist soil. In fact, it's tough to overwater this unusual houseplant! Juncus appreciates fertilizer once or twice a year. You can use any houseplant fertilizer, following the directions on the product packaging. Outdoors, grow juncus in sun or shade. It does best in evenly moist or even wet soil. While it doesn't require fertilizer outdoors, you can fertilize juncus with any general-purpose fertilizer. Follow the directions on the product packaging. Pruning typically isn't necessary. To ensure constantly moist soil, pots that have drain-age may be partially submerged into another container filled with water, replicating the bog-like conditions in which this plant naturally grows.