Maidenhair Vine

From: Flowers & Plants Co.

The Maidenhair Vine is a Muehlenbeckia which are evergreen or deciduous shrubs or semi-woody climbers, with alternate leaves. Its full of masses of thin wiry stems, that are covered in small dark green leaves. It’s a fast-growing and unusual plant, perfect to grow as a shrubby, scrambling groundcover, or if given something to cling to, a twining climber. It is one of the best plants for training on a small trellis. While not necessary for it to climb, it can easy cover a lot of floor space so you can consider hanging it too as a trailing plant or in a hanging basket. The combination of fast growing, large space coverage and the light and airy feel the foliage gives, it’s great for entrances to gardens, ground cover in the garden or indoor near the ceiling. Severe cold will cut it back to the base, which could be a good thing if you have trouble from taking over your space, but it will re-shoot come spring to summer. Light and Water This plant will grow anywhere from sun to shade. However, it will grow best in full sun with some cover to partial shade. Make sure the soil drains well as keeps fairly moist. Test the soil and if the first 2 inches are dry, its time for watering. Water thoroughly until you see some run out from the bottom.