Madagascar Palm

From: Flowers & Plants Co.

While its common name is Madagascar Palm, this is not actually a true palm but a but a succulent plant na-tive to South Africa and the island of Madagascar. The plant produces a single spiny trunk topped by a spray of long narrow leaves that give it the appearance of a small palm tree. Very decorative with a unique, sculpture-like appeal when grown as a single specimen indoors. Low-maintenance and an excellent choice for anyone new to growing houseplants making it a perfect quirky gift! It may not be the most popular plant to stumble across in the average nursery or garden shop, but for anyone who likes a unique easy-going indoor succulent, this could be your perfect match. Light and Water This is a sun-loving houseplant so always pick the sunniest spot you have. They'll still do pretty well in bright conditions, but anything considered "medium" light or lower should be avoided. These plants put out almost all of their new growth during the Summer. So, in theory, you could bring your plant indoors to a slightly lower lit location over late fall, winter and early spring before moving it outside to a sunny spot. If you want a thriving Pachypodium water yours liberally in the Summer months whenever the soil dries out. In Winter you should cut back to prevent the roots rotting in the cooler conditions, instead only water sparingly. Perhaps once or twice a month at most.