Graptopetalum Purpureum

From: Flowers & Plants Co.

Graptopetalum are perennial succulent plants and native to Mexico and Arizona. They grow in a rosette. they are not frost hardy but in frost-free regions, make excellent rockery plants. This variety β€˜purpureum’ is an un-usual species with thick fleshy cupped triangular leaves coloured maroon with a purple reverse. This creates a unique looking colouring on its leaves, a small but striking addition to any rare plant collectors. Like most succulents it likes to be dry, in well-drained soil. Light and Water Keep this plant in direct sunlight for best growth, it can also do well in bright indirect sunlight too. Water when the soil is fully drained, check the soil with your finger to see if it is dry several inches down or if the leaves are starting to look shrivelled. Overwatering can cause root rot so make sure it drains completely before watering again.