Dieffenbachia plant known also as the “Dumb Cane” makes an excellent tropical houseplant. It has big showy variegated leaves to add a ‘jungle’ touch to any room. It’s a hardy plant and will reward you with a long lifespan if properly cared for so a great beginner plant for those looking to grow their indoor plant collection. This variety “compacta” as the name suggest grows to around 24-28 inches when fully mature while others can go to 4-5 feet. Light and Water In terms of difficulty and its requirements, it is one of the easiest indoor houseplants you’ll ever have the pleasure of caring for and maintaining. It grows no matter the month or season. It survives in light shade but will do best in bright indirect light. When it comes to watering, water thoroughly and allow the soil to approach thoroughly dry before watering again. It’s also important to note that the leaves, if chewed or eaten, can cause temporary swelling of the tongue and throat, leading to a temporary loss of speech and the common plant name of Dumb Cane. While this is usually not serious, it can cause suffocation. Avoid placing the Dumb Cane plant where curious children or pets might be tempted to taste it.