Donkey’s Tail, Sedum morganianum β€˜Burrito’, is a fantastic succulent, bearing thick trailing stems covered with overlapping, plump, blue-green leaves. Star-shaped flowers in pink or red may appear at the tips of stems in summer. Too tender for our climate, it’s typically grown as a houseplant, although may be moved outside in summer, just make sure you bring it back in during the winter. It makes an interesting addition to hanging baskets. Light and Water Keep it in a bright room with good sun exposure, anywhere from bright indirect light to low shade. These plants are used to climates where the soil drains the water quickly and the water is infrequent. So, water when the soil has completely dried out and when you do make sure it drains completely as they do not like to sit in water. Start with watering every 10-14 days and adjust this schedule depending on how warm your home is.