Campanula - Purple

From: Flowers & Plants Co.

A beautiful flowering plant rich and deep in colour. The Campanula covers ground quickly and is ideal growing along edges of balconies, terraces or gardens. They grow and spread out over the years offering longevity and filling up empty spaces in your home with bursts of colour. These fast-growing plants have a natural creeping habit which means they will spread quickly and form a neat, compact habit. Also known as the Bellflower plant, they are easy to care for and low maintenance is required. They also provide nectar and pollen for bees during their flowering season (summer) and mix well with other plants and can even grow in rocky terrains. Light and Water They require full sun for best flower production, and well-drained soil with moderate moisture. Once established, bellflower plants can tolerate periods of drought. Soil conditions for growing bellflowers can be any pH range, including highly acidic. Caring for Campanulas does not require any expertise. As with most perennials, they are hardy plants that tolerate quite a lot of extreme weather and arid conditions. Campanula care includes deadheading to promote more blooms and a longer lasting display. You can also cut it down to the ground in late winter to early spring to rejuvenate the plant. Keep the soil moist when flowering so you may have to water more regularly. In general, when the top two inches of the soil feel dry, water thoroughly and allow it to drain.