Bird's Nest Fern

From: Flowers & Plants Co.

The Asplenium β€˜Birds Nest’ is a wide leafed Asplenium, adding a decorative touch to your home or office. These lush, tropical ferns form nest-like rosettes, with leaves emerging in a circular pattern from the centre of the plant hence their name. The glossy fronds are highly efficient at converting CO2 into oxygen and cleaning the air. It is also one of the longest living pot plants and extremely easy to look after, making it excellent value for money. Light and Water Bird's Nest Ferns thrive in medium to bright indirect light and tolerate low light as well. Avoid direct sunlight and deep shade. They do not like hot dry conditions, so mist regularly if your home isn’t very humid. Water when the top two inches of the soil is dry to touch, and water just enough to fully saturate. This will keep the soil moist throughout without it sitting in water. Allow water to drain freely.