Giraffe Animal Dummy Pacifier Toy, Stuffed Animal Soft Plush Toy, Dummy Teether, Perfect Infant Teething Toy Silicone Baby Dummy, with 100% Safe FBA Attached Dummy (Giraffe)

Cheeky Chimp From: Amazon

RELAXING – The Cheeky Chimp Animal pacifiers are made to relax and sooth your baby. Features a PP cotton stuffed animal toy, attached at the front is a FBA food grade silicone pacifier. PACIFIER – Made from hospital grade silicone, our pacifier is orthodontic developed to help the baby cope while teething, reducing the pain. The pacifier nipple is highly effective with the physical and emotional development of your baby. Latex Free! BENEFICIAL FOR DEVELOPMENT – Reap the benefits, a dummy can help babies learn to control their feelings, relax them, and make them feel secure, but even more so with a soft stuffed plush animal toy attached to the dummy, for that extra comfort. UNIQUE – The unique designs that grabs your little one’s attention, keeping them entertained and engaged. The pacifier plush toy also is great for your baby’s hand and eye coordination, encouraging use of arms and hand while grabbing and playing. Unlike other much larger pacifier plush toys this pacifier toy has been Carefully calculated for ideal weight and size for your baby to lift and grab. And with this one piece construction never lose a dummy again. CLEAN – All the stuffed pacifier toys can be machined wash with the dummy, and can simply be sterilised by dipping the pacifier in warm antibacterial soapy water or using sterilising wipes.

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