4Moms mamaRoo 4.0 Rocker, Silver Plush

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The MamaRoo baby bouncer and rocker is nothing like any other infant rocker we've seen before and maybe represents a glimpse into the future. It doesn't just have one motion setting, but five! From car ride and ocean wave to kangaroo setting, the MamaRoo is sure to have the perfect setting to soothe your little one to sleep. Parents don't vibrate like bouncy seats or swing like swings. They bounce and sway, and that's what the mamaRoo does. The 4moms® mamaRoo®4 infant seat bounces up and down and sways from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their babies. It features five unique motions and five speed options for a total of 25 different combinations. Soothe your baby with one of the four built-in sounds, or connect any MP3 device. The mamaRoo4 seat offers full recline to allow baby to lie back and relax or sit up and play. This new model can even be controlled by your smartphone using the 4Moms App. MamaRoo 4 - The ultimate seat The original and ONLY infant seat that replicates parents natural motions

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