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Breast Pump Swing Maxi Flex from Medela, Double Electric Breastpump

Medela From: Amazon

Medela Swing Maxi Flex breast pump is a double electric breast pump that expresses upto 18 Percent more milk than single expressing, saving you upto 2 hours. The swing maxi breastpump comes with 1x Swing maxi motor unit, 2x connectors, 2x 150 ml breast milk bottles, 2x bottle stands, 2x personal fit breast shields, 1x calma solitaire for feeding. The Medela breast pump is simple and easy to use throughout your breast feeding journey. The personal fit breast shields offer comfort for your breast and nipple, further sizes can be purchased. The comfortable personal fit breast shield is gentle on your breasts and helpts to prevent nipple trauma whilst you pump. The Swing breast pump uses two-phase expression technology which simulates natural baby sucking behavior at the mum's breast, for a natural feeling breast pumping experience. The Swing maxi double electric breast pump can use batteries or mains operated giving you more freedom and flexibilty as a parent. You can express on the go as the breast pump is light and portable enough to take with you.

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